July 27, 2014

[en] [Thought Jumps] Energy prices and energy saving

It is in your daily life: The Gasoline prices are getting higher and higher und one tank filling is a few bucks more expensive.And these few bucks are getting more and more.

At the same time we protest agains too much energy and (in general) resource wasting. One solution would be to buy products which last longer (see my previous post)

The solution ...

... can be within the energy prices. If something costs more, it is more valuable. This means you will save it more.This should also apply to our energy prices. Our energy and our resources are running low and we shouldn't close our eyes but accept these facts. You can get a win-win(-win-win) situation:
  1. You save money
  2. You save gasoline
  3. Less traffic jam in the city with this less gasoline waste while staying in the jam
  4. CO2 reduction

Disadvantages and problems

Those measures would mainly affect the low income population, who are driving to work everyday. This could be solved with letting the companies pay for each kilometer their employees have to drive. With this measures the companies would get under pressure to organize e.g. buses for their employees.

Costs for heat

The next problem would be increasing heat costs. Those should be subsidize (for low-income people) with the higher costs in general.

Politics and realization

The only way to realize this would be facing the facts and be honest. All of those measures should apply for the companies as well. It is simply wrong to be mad just because some politician thinks about rising taxes. Because of those reactions, "those guys" aren't able to do something. The best government can't do anything without having some backup from the people.

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