December 19, 2013

[en] Armagetron Advanced - a Tron-like opensource computer game


Armagetron Advanced is a Tron-like opensource game. You drive on a 2-dimensional "grid" and try to close in the others with a wall, that appears right behind you. You can only do 90° turns (standard mode). When you "grind" at another wall (lightwall, sometimes arena wall, too) you get more and more speed. In the other way the more turns you do, the slower you get.

Double Bind:

If you bind a turn to two keys, you are able to do "fast turns". This means you press both keys at the same time in order to do a 180° turn. Sometimes this "double bind" is seen as noobish. And real pro player doesn't need double bind ;-).
But on the most server you got a short delay between your turns, so you drive a bit after the first turn until you do the second.

Lag / Ping:

Because tron is a very fast game, every millisecond counts. To avoid lags you have a "Lag-O-Mat" which shows you where the others could be. With this feature enabled you can see the last known position with a square around it. Normally you should avoid this zone, but some pro players of course use this lag-zone to core dump other players.


The longer you drive against a wall, the more rubber you get. The Rubber depends on the game mode. It can last for some seconds (high rubber) or only a  short moment. To get into between two walls, which have been closed with rubber, you'll have to use more rubber than the guy who closed.

Server / Gamemodes:

There are basically two gamemodes:
  1. All vs All:
    • Classic; d.h. 90° Turns, high- or low-rubber (low rubber isn't mentioned explicitly)
    • Sumo:  All players have to stay in a small area. If they leave this area, the'l explode. There are teambased and all vs all sumon servers
    • Unlimeted Lightwalls, limeted walls ...
    • Unlimeted brakes, limeted brakes ...
    • With respawning or round-based
    • and many, many more different types!
  2. Teambased games, mostly on "Fortress" or "Crazy Tronner" servers (changing modes):
    • Capture the Flag
    • Team-sumo
    • usw. ...
  3. Some exotic servers where you drive races, etc.
Best known servers (no sumo, I don't like it):
  • "Cheers! the friendly server!": My favourite server; low rubber, unlimeted walls, first with 10 points (1 point per kill/"dump"). The server is back online after a few months.
  • "The YELLOW Submarine" or "The CLASSIC Submarine": A very well-know server. Rubber is a bit higher than on cheers, limeted walls. The best one after 10 rounds wins.

Download / Licens:

The game is licensed under the GNU opensource license and can be downloaded for free! Just visit the official page!.

A short gameplay on my favourite Server: "Cheers! the friendly server.":

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